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Please, call or email for pricing and lead-times as these are grown/fermented on demand or as scheduled.

We're Alive!TM Tempeh

  • Living Food delivered to you so you can give your customers the freshest Tempeh

  • Naturally high in protein we use quality ingredients

  • NO Soy! Currently all our Tempeh is black bean based so no allergen worries. And well, we and our customers think they taste better than soy.

  • Perfect for creative chefs, Tempeh is a clean pallet to create with, Tempeh absorbs flavors

  • 2-5 minute marinade

  • 5 minute smoker when grilling

  • Grill it like a hamburger. Use it like a hamburger.

  • Wonderful cheese burger

  • Great with eggs for breakfast!

  • Replace nasty veggie burgers, believe us many vegetarians and vegans avoid these because of the bad flatulence later.

  • A perfect black been burger substitute. Your customers will love the meatiness without the black bean bloating and flatulence.

  • Choose how you want it delivered: large 5 lb press-cakes perfect for cubing and using in all sorts of dishes, individual round, or custom shape (price will be quoted for custom)

Gourmet Mushrooms

  • Depending on season we carry: Lion's Mane, Italian / Phoenix Oyster, King Trumpet / Black Pearl Oyster, Chestnut, Pioppino, Hen of the Woods, Beech and Shiitake packed in a mushroom mix box

  • A great vegetarian source for protein

  • Mushrooms have been researched for many health benefits including Vitamin D

  • Upscale dishes by replacing ho-hum button mushrooms with a variety of gourmet mushrooms

  • Sold bulk by the pound with 2 lb minimum

We're Alive!TM Microgreens

  • Living Microgreens, not cut, dead, or wilting

  • Microgreens are little guys packed with lots of nutrition - a little goes a long way

  • Grown in pure water, no pesticides or fertilizers

  • Our varieties:

    • Red Rambo Radish packs a peppery radish punch

    • Spicy Mustard with a mild wasabi flavor

    • Broccoli with flavor like the florets. Look up the health benefits of microgreens vs. florets.

    • Peas: sweet and succulent. A favorite with children.

    • Salad Mix (new): Lettuce, Broccoli, Radish, and Spicy Mustard

    • Spicy Salad Mix (new): Broccoli, Kale, Kohlrabi, Arugula, Red Cabbage & Mustard

    • Chia (new): we think you'll be pleasantly surprised when you look up the amazing health benefits of Chia

    • Arugula (new): pungent and spicy. An herb to embrace and love.

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