About Us

Formed in August 2021, but years in the making, Nurcha Foods came out of a love for good, wholesome food as well as unique food. Founder Jim Watkins, an avid gardener and practitioner of Permaculture has never had a traditional "hamburger" garden. Jim focused on native edible plants interspersed with common and not so common edible perennial like Sea Kale.

Some of our products come directly from Jim's gardens, like Sea Kale, and we're testing the reception to these unique and not so common edibles at farmers markets.

You may ask "why should I care about perennial vs. regular crops". Well there are several reasons including longer term CO2 sequestration, increase in fungi populations, water reduction and retention vs. annual crop production. Of course, there are some disadvantages, though this depends on the crop, including lower overall yields. 

We'll be testing natives like Evening Primrose, according to Arthur Haines, botanist at the University of Maine, Primrose was the first vegetable to be sent back from the new world to the old world, as a microgreen given it's ability to produce large quantities of seeds.

Cooking is an act of caring towards yourself, your loved ones, and even your community.

What we're exploring

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